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With more than 30 years experience in the accounting industry, we at Ivy Strategies offer you the knowledge, efficiency and confidence you require in dealing with your daily, weekly and monthly bookkeeping needs.


Having worked for Professional Accounting Firms for many years, you can be assured that the information we prepare for your accountant at year end will be complete and organized, saving them time and you money!!

Although we are versed in all major accounting programs, Quickbooks is our program of choice. 
We are a member of the Quickbooks ProAdvisor Program.

your SUCCESS is our GOAL
Ivy is known for it's propensity to interweave in growth.  Even the harshest conditions don't deter it from establishing roots and shooting up from the ground.  This ability to withstand the greatest obstacles has given Ivy the meaning of fortitude, resiliency, determination and strength in the face of difficult challenges. 
This quality is at the core of the services we offer at Ivy Strategies, whether in Business or in Life, we want to help you find your growth potential.
YOUR Success truly is OUR Goal
Experience the Ivy Difference!

At Ivy Strategies, YOUR Success truly is OUR Goal

It is our Mission to provide our clients with accurate, efficient and professional service.

We will endeavour to consistently deliver the highest industry standards, and will do so at all times with the utmost in professionalism, customer service and confidentiality.

Experience the Ivy Difference!

Lynne Palmer, Owner and Operator of Ivy Strategies, was born and raised in Medicine Hat, AB.  She has over 30 years experience working in the accounting industry.  In addition to a strong accounting and business background, Lynne became a Certified Coach Practitioner in 2009 with the Certified Coaches Federation.  She has recently refreshed her Practitioner training, and is currently working towards becoming a Master Coach.  Lynne has combined her knowledge of business with her genuine passion for people in an attempt to bring a fresh new look to Medicine Hat's business community. 

 Watch for upcoming Coaching Seminars!!


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